Keeping your wood cutting board clean and healthy

4 Min.

Wood cutting boards are beautiful to look at and to use. But in order to keep them clean, healthy and looking good they do require a little extra work.

No soaking

Wood is porous and will absorb moisture which can damage the cutting board and also the adhesive used on the board. Avoid submerging your board entirely and definitely keep it out of the dishwasher. Instead, use a soapy wet cloth to wipe the board clean then dry it with a dish towel. Pro tip: Wet both sides of the board evenly so that the wood swells evenly and you’ll avoid cracks in your wood cutting board.

Bacteria Free

Regular cleaning with dish soap and water will keep your board free of most things. But to sanitize give the board a spray of 3% hydrogen peroxide. Let it fizz away for a few minutes and then rinse it clean with hot water. Remember to treat both sides of the board and dry thoroughly.

Fresh as a daisy

After an Italian feast, your cutting board may retain some of garlic or onion odor (and taste). You can eliminate these by using white vinegar or lemon juice to neutralize the odor. Squeeze or pour onto each side, rub in then rinse and dry.

Good as new

If your board takes on the more colorful elements of your food prep (I’m thinking beets…) you can clean up stains on the wood using baking soda or coarse salt. Scrub them into your board to remove the stain.

Regular maintenance

After sanitizing or stain removal it is a good idea to apply some food grade butcher block oil to your board. This will keep the wood looking beautiful and make clean up easier.

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