Deep Colors Beautiful Kitchens

5 Min.

We are seeing some beautiful deep colors in kitchen design right now. Hues that, if done right, will perfectly complement the kind of timeless design that Jewett Farms + Co. is known for. I asked JF designer and showroom manager Paula Accioly what colors are inspiring her right now.


Deep, dark emeraldĀ greens and lighter grey toned greens both pair beautifully with natural Walnut and natural Maple. Marble and light tone granites also often have green tones in their veining, and some types of soapstone have a distinct green look especially once they’re oiled. Paula says to avoid the mint green tones and anything avocado.

Recommended colors:

Farrow & Ball; Pigeon Green. Farrow & Ball; Studio Green. Sherwin Williams; Jack Pine.


We’ve been seeing grey for a while and it’s still going strong. Greys can be tricky to choose because their undertones can range from purple to black and the look may change depending on the light. Paula recommends you take your time and ask those with experience in greys for their recommendations.

Recommended Colors:

Farrow & Ball; Pavilion Gray. Benjamin Moore; Cheating Heart.


Deep navy is a classic and looks crisp. Blue is an invigorating color and works well in many tones and shades. Pair dark blues with more neutral shades, hints of white or light grey to avoid the kitchen feeling too dark. Lighter, grey toned blues create a calm environment and look beautiful with warmer toned woods and deep brown and bronze hardware.

Recommended colors:

Benjamin Moore; Deep Silver. Benjamin Moore; Hale Navy. Farrow & Ball; Railings.


That’s right – Black! Paula says that black can be a sophisticated and elegant choice. Avoid flat blacks, one way to ensure texture is to look for oils or stains that allow the wood grain to be seen. Try a tinted Rubio Monocoat oil finish.

Recommended Colors:

Farrow & Ball; Off Black. Rubio Monocoat; Charcoal.

Need a little help with your color selections? Visit Paula at our Boston showroom.