handcrafted accessories

Every product is designed by our craftsmen and made by hand, as a result, each one is unique. Our team is always working on creative designs for items that will organize and beautify your kitchen. From ventilated vegetable drawers to one of a kind cheese boards, all of the products are made in small batches and are always evolving.

Many of our handcrafted accessories are made from materials that would traditionally go to waste. Hardwoods cut from our cabinetry and furniture pieces, premium soapstone left from sink cutouts or countertop remainders. So our accessories are not only artisanal but are also sustainable.

drawer accessories

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Our hardwood drawer inserts are handcrafted dividers that will keep your drawers perfectly organized with ample room for all your kitchen utensils and tools. Available in Walnut, Butternut and Maple, your drawers will be the envy of all.

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This perfectly crafted knife block keeps kitchen knives sharp and safely away from unwanted hands. Our hardwood knife blocks are available in Walnut, Maple or Butternut.

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Keep your vegetables ventilated and fresh in our handcrafted vegetable drawers. Each drawer has a solid bottom and slat sides to allow air circulation within the drawer. Available in Butternut, Walnut and Maple.

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cutting boards

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Our hardwood cutting boards are handmade by our cabinetmakers from the off cuts of cabinetry and furniture. The boards are made butcher block style creating strength and beauty. The boards are sanded to perfection and finished with food grade butcher block oil. Choose from Maple, Cherry, or Walnut.

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cheese boards are the perfect small platter for entertaining. The pairing of light and dark hardwoods makes a stylish and functional board that is perfect for cheese, fruit, crackers or chocolate… Each board is 5/8” thick, light enough to carry easily while still sturdy enough to be loaded up and cut on. The boards are sanded to perfection and finished with food grade butcher block oil. Choose from Walnut + Maple or Cherry + Maple.

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Decorative Hardwood Cutting Boards

Handcrafted from a solid piece of reclaimed antique timber, these boards make a beautiful serving tray or even display piece.

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Reclaimed Wood Shelves

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Reclaimed antique wood shelves

Our handcrafted wooden shelves are a stunning addition to any space. Made from reclaimed antique timbers, each shelf is made by hand and finished with a clear water borne urethane.

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Standard Sizes 24" x 12"
36" x 12"


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Soapstone Boot + Shoe Warmers are a functional reminder of a simpler time. These useful little blocks harness the conductive properties of soapstone and put it to good use warming your toes. Simply heat your boot + shoe warmers on the hearth, woodstove or in the oven and then place them in your boots for at least 15 minutes before you trek into the snow. Soapstone Boot + Shoe Warmers come as a pair and have a handsome leather strap to keep your fingers safe.

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soapstone whisky stones

Chill without compromise. Never water down your drink again! Store your whisky stones in the freezer. When the single malt calls simply slip a couple in your glass for the perfect chill with no dilution. These stones literally put your drink on the rocks. Our soapstone whisky stones are hand made at our Dover NH fabrication shop from soapstone offcuts and remnants, they are cut to size and then tumbled to create smooth edges that will keep your glassware safe.

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Soapstone coasters

Protect your surfaces in style. Our soapstone coasters are naturally light gray in color but if oiled will become black with white venining that creates a pop of visual interest. Soapstone is non-porous and can't be stained, so if any red wine or coffee slips from your glass or cup it can be simply wiped away.

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We begin every project by understanding your needs and wants to deliver truly personalized craftsmanship. Let's start the conversation.

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